Australian Federal Government

The Australian Federal Government is responsible for a number of key areas including taxation, defence, foreign affairs, postal and telecommunications services. Currently the Federal Government utilise locksmiths that have ASIO accreditation and have been SCEC trained. No individual national locksmith company is able to provide a collaborative service to Federal Government Agencies. Jim’s Locksmiths aims to change this and provide a nationwide solution for the Federal Government.

State Governments

State Governments respectively have responsibility over all matters not governed by the Australian Federal Government within their individual state or territory. These include law enforcement, health, education and public transport.

Through the Future Directions Strategy, Jim’s Locksmiths’ Service Delivery Charter and working in conjunction with the leading industry suppliers, we will increase our target market to include law enforcement agencies, health departments, transport facilities and public schools within South Australia and subsequently all other states. This will include forging working relationships with the various service contractors in each state to further increase our marketability.

Local Governments

When it comes to security for Local Government, Jim’s Locksmiths Division can provide locking solutions to, Council Chambers, Council parks, public toilets and other recreational areas. This would include long-term projects to upgrade security needs over an agreed period of time.